Nimetoka place far

Looking for a bar 

Depressed stressed nataka kulewa nilale kwa mtaro pahali si juu ya mattress 

Life ni hard 

Life ni expensive 

Tulipewa dunia bure but they found a way to charge us to live in it 

Life expectancy ni 70 

Spend most of it working 

Tired to enjoy sex me na wife we just fucking

Huwezi hepa niende wapi 

I’m a grown ass man siezi angalia mwanaume mwenzangu na macho za puppy anipe ka Something 

Work work work go to school get good grades ukiFail join KDF the Government will take care of you 

Hizi ndo vitu I wish I knew when I was still a kid na dreams za Kuwa Doctor ama pilot 

Promise me free education ndo upate my vote 

Imagine a nation of very educated citizens homeless jobless bado hawaja loose hope na drive 

Wana persevere maybe wata bahatika 

Win a Bet or a lottery 

Spend money to make money 

Mind games to steal from hardworking people 

Pombe si solution I mean kiChemistry it might be 

But I want to drink myself blind coz I’m tired of this mashida I see 


Haki yangu My right
Was left in your speech
Haki yangu ni peace My right ni amani
Don’t preach hate
Don’t fill my neighbors head na hate
Utarudi in your heavily guarded house
Leaving me with him
Ready to kill For his tribe
Why? so that upate votes Ndo usiFulfill ur promises to the people
Your people your tribes men that I’m living with
I’m Kenyan first before im my Fathers tribe put Kenya first not your political thirst
All I’m asking for is peace
Promise me peace
Kabla hizo hospitali na Barabara utaTujenge
or Hiyo free Education ju Nikifa hakuta kuwa na mtu wa kuiSomea
Im not alone
Mtu is not one
Mtu is that person living in a different place/County with different races tribe ethnicity
Trying to make a living for himself living with his family
If I’m Kenyan si naeza ishi any place in place
I’m your brother I’m your sister
I’m your son I’m your daughter
Hatakama damu yetu si moja
Under flag moja Black red and green and white
The only enemy we should have ni Poverty illiteracy

​Circumcision: licence to Fuck around

They will tell you it reduces the chances of you getting infected with HIV

They will tell you it reduces it will be easy to clean your dick

They will tell you there won’t be a “smell”

They will tell you that it would look more appealing and a woman wouldn’t shy away from orally pleasing you

They will will tell you that sex will be more enjoyable after the surgery

That surgery that painful surgery if done wrong it could cripple you

They will say you  have become a MAN after the Surgery  rite of passage practice that has been there since before Christianity

Some men get circumcised because she wouldn’t have sex with them

Their was a time HIV was associated with gay men

Circumcision just assures you that you are safe

What they didn’t tell you is that After snipping that extra protective skin from your Dick your free to Fuck anyone anywhere anyhow,  you can easily clean it afterwards remove any “Trace evidence” of your sexual activities or remove that virus or bacteria from your dick before it has a chance of getting into your bloodstream



Am I going to love you forever
but imma say whatever it takes to get into your panties
Am I willing to die for you
Ju bado kuna madem wengi sijaLala nao
Am I ready to put your needs before mine
Coz you only live once and I comes first before U


Lonely as I’ve been 
Nani wakunipenda 

I try to be nice and smile 

Ndo at least wanione au anione 

Nimwone nimfwate tuonge roho ipone

Ijue mapenzi ni nini

Been in relationships 

Long distance relationships 

Our phones acting as middle men 

But that wasn’t enough 

I  needed more 

Someone close not to tell love but to show love 

My love a unique love

Coz it’s the love yenye najipenda nayo

Sijai Give up sitai give up

And when I do give up she would’ve give in 

Into my love this Unique love