Wewe ni Mgeni

Kwa hii dunia sisi nimaGuest time yetu limited//

Mwenye Keja anaeza tu toa any time HE sees fit//

Unaeza kuja na gari unaeza tembea na your feet//

Unaeza live an honest or you can be cheat//

Wewe ni Guest you live by Gods Mercy you cant take over until he feels your worthy//

Niwangapi wameTry kuwa wazazi only to have their babies miscarried//

Wangapi wameTry kuFind tru love only to find wanaMess na mtu Married//

Wangapi wameTry kuwa Leaders but wameFail kwa Poll mara kadhaa//

UmeTry kuanzisha biznaa but it isn’t workin for you unapoteza chapaa//

You know what happens when the Guest try to take over the household// 

Terrorism Genocide Hiroshima Nagasaki 

The world tries to smile 

Innocents wakidhulimiwa No Justice// 

No Fairness

False interpretation of Holy scriptures 

Leaders want to rule by Fear//

You want preach the truth the truth could get you killed 

Die a Martyr they label you a terrorist ukiwa Six feet//

But what they fail to understand 

Sisi nimaGuest kwa hii dunia and God ndo mwenye nyumba//

Wewe utaenda na keja ya wenyewe utaiwacha nyuma//

Live by the laws you find in your Hosts house

Respect life ya binadamu

Respect Nature and its surrounding

Live an honest life


Author: MadDawg Stephen

Im Stephen Olonde Im Kenyan Born year 1995-07-31 My Tribe is Luo( but i can't speak it) Talents I have none that im profiting from I love music, I've always wanted to do it I just to have the courage to get myself in a Recording Studio Ive written ridiculous amount of Lyrics ever since my high school years I can cook I love to eat im in love with food home cooked meals not Fast foods but real food I love watching Tv I've spent my whole life in front of Tv watching Movies/Tv series I can't ride a bike I have a Driving license which ive not used since it was handed to me And i haven't been inside a drivers seat ever since Driving school Im Straight im attracted to women But im curious how it would feel to sleep with a man I used to read Novels back when i was in boarding school Because we would only watch Tv once a week for 3hours So reading a Novel was an escape from reality for me. I believe people should be with whom they want to be you can be Gay or of a different religion or Race Love is Love Because you only got this life to Live. I hate any form of Violence Unless its self defence I will note vote Or participate in any democratic right of mine Until they legalize weed (It has health benefits especially for cancer patients) I watch Porn sometimes. It isn't bad,I don't over do it. Homemade stuff not the fake stuff. I believe women and men are Equal And they should both be provided with equal opportunities. Im not materialistic I haven't bought news clothes for a while now I love technology I love playing video games. I love my family.

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