If you want Peaceful Elections they should Stop what they are doing and listen to me…

​Hizo writings kwa hiyo Tisho

“…Peaceful Elections…”

Wont do a thing
Because peace si kitu unaLearn na one day

By people paid to teach you Why its important 

You have to want it

You have to need it

You to believe in it

Si kitu travelling all over the country itaPrevent

Or mass praying itaPrevent
It has to be instilled inside you

Ukiwa mdogo kwa Shule in a class room


Akili ya mtu mjinga is easily corrupted 

Akili ya mtu mjinga can be easily lied to

Wanataka tuwe mafala ndo itakuwa easy wao kutuUse
We have to stop this Tribal politics 

To stop it one should know he/she is more than his/her Tribe
Peace peace peace

They want

a piece piece piece

a piece of your mind to corrupt 

a piece of your humanity to corrupt 

a piece of your soul to darken 
Killing a fellow country man ati ju the leader you wanted hakuingia kwa Serikal ni Ujinga

Yeye hakujui 

Life is priceless but utalipwa tu vishilingi just to disrupt peace

To kill 


For him for her

Their lose shouldn’t destroy a country 

We should learn to live na kuKubali motokea
Peace cant be taught in a day,weeks or months towards the election 

It has to be an everyday thing.

Start teaching your Child about it

Teach your child not to hate

Give your child the best Education you can afford

Ndo asitumiwe vibaya

An Enlightened mind is powerful 

Anaezajua when Anaambiwa bullshit or Facts


Author: MadDawg Stephen

Im Stephen Olonde Im Kenyan Born year 1995-07-31 My Tribe is Luo( but i can't speak it) Talents I have none that im profiting from I love music, I've always wanted to do it I just to have the courage to get myself in a Recording Studio Ive written ridiculous amount of Lyrics ever since my high school years I can cook I love to eat im in love with food home cooked meals not Fast foods but real food I love watching Tv I've spent my whole life in front of Tv watching Movies/Tv series I can't ride a bike I have a Driving license which ive not used since it was handed to me And i haven't been inside a drivers seat ever since Driving school Im Straight im attracted to women But im curious how it would feel to sleep with a man I used to read Novels back when i was in boarding school Because we would only watch Tv once a week for 3hours So reading a Novel was an escape from reality for me. I believe people should be with whom they want to be you can be Gay or of a different religion or Race Love is Love Because you only got this life to Live. I hate any form of Violence Unless its self defence I will note vote Or participate in any democratic right of mine Until they legalize weed (It has health benefits especially for cancer patients) I watch Porn sometimes. It isn't bad,I don't over do it. Homemade stuff not the fake stuff. I believe women and men are Equal And they should both be provided with equal opportunities. Im not materialistic I haven't bought news clothes for a while now I love technology I love playing video games. I love my family.

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