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war when will it end

my heart bleeds for the people of Syria Yemen and Palestine.

what did the people of the middle east do to deserves such wrath from the people of the world. every other day they are bombed,killed trapped inside collapsed  building, being shot for protesting their rights, being refused aid dying from cholera malnutrition

being refugee in your country trying to defend it being labeled a terrorist or extremist group.

i pray to God that i live longer so that i get to lose my virginity to the right woman, get married have kids start my own business employee the jobless youth in my country help in reducing poverty in my country… but all that can be put to stop by a missile strike in my town

or is this a way of controlling world population by killing a few thousands every year so that we don’t end up destroying our planet by over population. are there some unseen forces that determine whose going to die or live. is there a period in this world of ours that has ever non peace.

a tale of two cities in Syrian where  regions that are pro Government enjoy peace while the opposition regions experience death. countrymen killing each other for a leader that wants to oppress them.

death death death why cant we just live happily,make love and educate our children to successful stop preaching hate. are wars sponsored by weapon manufacturing countries so that they c an benefit from world wide bloodshed

what if the Russians never occupied Afghanistan, what if Americans never went to Iraq what if the Obama administration didn’t invade Libya would the world be at peace? this white making decisions in their peaceful countries about other countries, sure we them Hitler is the reason why we need other parts of the world to intervene but when did it stop being for the interest of the oppressed nation to now being the interest of the west

may Libya Palestine Yemen find peace, live long enough to rebuild their nation



My take on Love 😍😙😘😚💘👦👧💕💞💗💔


What is Love?

There’s nothing like Love at first

You either want to fuck them or not 

>There must be an attraction between the two of you but shows like “MTV’s Are You The One?” Tell you there’s more to love than the physical stuff
>Or you become a sales person 

Try to sale yourself to the other person 
“Im good

Im not a cheat

Im successful 

Im family oriented 

Im well endowed 

I will always be there for you  to give you a shoulder to lean on

I will be a good provider

I don’t have any STD”
Now for them to listen you have to be really presentable 

..Like dress good

a nice haircut 

a Cologne that would hypnotize them(women)…

Thats when they’ll give you a chance to hear out your sells pitch

At the end probably go on a Date.
But what is Love?

Nobody wants to be alone 

Everybody wants a life partner and also a friend from a fellow human being whom he/she is going to spend life with.

“Men only want sex” 

“its not like women don’t”

Women want more after giving you their body

More not as in Materialistic stuff

But they want an emotional assurance that the sex meant something more to you too(Men)

Not all of them but some

Some men are willing to start relationships after a one time fling 

Some are just out there to Fuck and Fuck and Fuck until they find Mrs. Right
Putting yourself out there

Hoping to find is probably hard after you’ve been Catfished more than once

Going to Online Dating platforms

Having a nice profile to attract potential Love interest

It works sometimes
Love is hard to Find but nothing good should be easy to find

Love has an expiry Date we just dont know when it starts and when it ends
Never give up Look for it Love is there waiting for to find it

And if you are in a relationship and you feel its not working Leave before it eats you up and spits yoy out when you are Old and Broke 

Wewe ni Mgeni

Kwa hii dunia sisi nimaGuest time yetu limited//

Mwenye Keja anaeza tu toa any time HE sees fit//

Unaeza kuja na gari unaeza tembea na your feet//

Unaeza live an honest or you can be cheat//

Wewe ni Guest you live by Gods Mercy you cant take over until he feels your worthy//

Niwangapi wameTry kuwa wazazi only to have their babies miscarried//

Wangapi wameTry kuFind tru love only to find wanaMess na mtu Married//

Wangapi wameTry kuwa Leaders but wameFail kwa Poll mara kadhaa//

UmeTry kuanzisha biznaa but it isn’t workin for you unapoteza chapaa//

You know what happens when the Guest try to take over the household// 

Terrorism Genocide Hiroshima Nagasaki 

The world tries to smile 

Innocents wakidhulimiwa No Justice// 

No Fairness

False interpretation of Holy scriptures 

Leaders want to rule by Fear//

You want preach the truth the truth could get you killed 

Die a Martyr they label you a terrorist ukiwa Six feet//

But what they fail to understand 

Sisi nimaGuest kwa hii dunia and God ndo mwenye nyumba//

Wewe utaenda na keja ya wenyewe utaiwacha nyuma//

Live by the laws you find in your Hosts house

Respect life ya binadamu

Respect Nature and its surrounding

Live an honest life

My Take on PEACE 

Let us fight for peace

Kill for peace 

Im not a killer because im killing for peace 

You know peace

We want peace

You have peace?

Then come join me
I want to live my life

Long peaceful life

I want to go to my job

Work get paid

Build a house 

Bed my wife Feed my kids

Watch Tv in peace
But theres always someone who wants to disturb my peace

A thief A Politician A Salesman A Terrorist A Jehovah Witness 

I want close the door to my house  and deny them entry

In this Century if my problems were fit into an App I’d delete it

Because i like my peace
The world has never known peace

Men are always fighting 

For their lands For their religion For their King

Blood has been shed for lesser things in life

greed jealousy pride all wrapped in the disguise of Peace

It controls and moves the world

It controls me

“If i had plenty of money id have peace”

That statement is a lie

Money creates a target behind your back

Help me 

Give it to me or i will kill you

If you do not give an Offering theres a special place in hell for you

If we got rid of money

The world would be at PEACE 

Its Debatable though

Suicide on my Mind.. 😢😢😢


Should i kill myself 

Is that the answer to my problems

Im here growing Fat 

Living off my parents 

Im 22yrs old i should be working getting paid

Buy myself new clothes

Buy myself stuff 

Instead of waiting for my Dads old clothes to put on

I have nobody to talk to

I have no friends close friends 

Who can understand me

Offer me help

Give me something to do

I feel glued to where iam

I need somebody to come and rescue me

I went to apply for my Diploma

Its expensive this time round 

They are asking for so much

I think my Dad can’t afford it

There are students loan HELB

People do apply for government bursary but how do i start?

I used to feel safe in School 

That internet 

All the movies and Tv series i could download 

Id not be thinking of Death right now

If i dint feel that part of my life- how i spend my days being threatened 


So how should i kill myself 

Hang myself with a rope…

But where? Where will i get a rope strong enough to hold me, if i can find one

Or should i slit my wrist- i hate that. Blood Oozing  i don’t have the balls to do it

Or lock myself in a room with burning charcoal in a “Jiko” kill myself slowly with carbon monoxide this is it

But i don’t like the smell/fumes of burning coal

Id chicken out just minutes into it

Is dying really the answer 

I have a little brother 

I love him, he is away in boarding school

Little bro do good in school

I disappointed Dad

I went to Private schools all throughout my education life

(Private schools aren’t prestigious here in Africa- some are good, they are just schools that give chances to dumb fucks like me. I got a C-)

Now in a University that isn’t Government owned

Dad is struggling to support us

Pay rent Pay the Water bill Electricity bill

Pay for his lifestyle  Feed us (Me and Mum) Feed the other woman/Women in his life

Pay your school Fees and now i want him to pay for my Diploma which i think he can’t afford

Because the car that is supposed to pay for all this is a money black hole theres always something wrong with it

My little brother i hope you do well in your studies and get that Government sponsorship that would ease the burden on Dads back

Help me please

How should i kill myself 

I can’t get a gun

a bullet to the head would really end things quickly 

I hope i don’t survive and end up being a brain damaged adult who shits himself 

I just want to Die

Why am i thinking of Death?

Because death is a solution 

If im Dead

I wont be a problem to anyone 

I wont be taking up as much space as iam

My Dad would focus on my little brother 

The mistakes he made with me not to repeat them to him

Sometimes i think i was an unwanted pregnancy because my mum had me while she was very young 

Not young as in her teens but early 20’s

I dont think she Enjoyed her youth very much 

My Dad too



Die die

Do i really want to die

Im healthy 

Its not like cancer is slowly killing me

Death Death 

If you want Peaceful Elections they should Stop what they are doing and listen to me…

​Hizo writings kwa hiyo Tisho

“…Peaceful Elections…”

Wont do a thing
Because peace si kitu unaLearn na one day

By people paid to teach you Why its important 

You have to want it

You have to need it

You to believe in it

Si kitu travelling all over the country itaPrevent

Or mass praying itaPrevent
It has to be instilled inside you

Ukiwa mdogo kwa Shule in a class room


Akili ya mtu mjinga is easily corrupted 

Akili ya mtu mjinga can be easily lied to

Wanataka tuwe mafala ndo itakuwa easy wao kutuUse
We have to stop this Tribal politics 

To stop it one should know he/she is more than his/her Tribe
Peace peace peace

They want

a piece piece piece

a piece of your mind to corrupt 

a piece of your humanity to corrupt 

a piece of your soul to darken 
Killing a fellow country man ati ju the leader you wanted hakuingia kwa Serikal ni Ujinga

Yeye hakujui 

Life is priceless but utalipwa tu vishilingi just to disrupt peace

To kill 


For him for her

Their lose shouldn’t destroy a country 

We should learn to live na kuKubali motokea
Peace cant be taught in a day,weeks or months towards the election 

It has to be an everyday thing.

Start teaching your Child about it

Teach your child not to hate

Give your child the best Education you can afford

Ndo asitumiwe vibaya

An Enlightened mind is powerful 

Anaezajua when Anaambiwa bullshit or Facts


Nimetoka place far

Looking for a bar 

Depressed stressed nataka kulewa nilale kwa mtaro pahali si juu ya mattress 

Life ni hard 

Life ni expensive 

Tulipewa dunia bure but they found a way to charge us to live in it 

Life expectancy ni 70 

Spend most of it working 

Tired to enjoy sex me na wife we just fucking

Huwezi hepa niende wapi 

I’m a grown ass man siezi angalia mwanaume mwenzangu na macho za puppy anipe ka Something 

Work work work go to school get good grades ukiFail join KDF the Government will take care of you 

Hizi ndo vitu I wish I knew when I was still a kid na dreams za Kuwa Doctor ama pilot 

Promise me free education ndo upate my vote 

Imagine a nation of very educated citizens homeless jobless bado hawaja loose hope na drive 

Wana persevere maybe wata bahatika 

Win a Bet or a lottery 

Spend money to make money 

Mind games to steal from hardworking people 

Pombe si solution I mean kiChemistry it might be 

But I want to drink myself blind coz I’m tired of this mashida I see